9th English (TL) 6.Six Honest Serving-Men


Class – 9 
Syllabus – Karnataka state 
Subject – English (3rd Language)
Lesson Notes And Textbook Solutions 


” Six
Honest Serving-Men”

1.Who are the honest friends mentioned
in the poem?**

 The honest friends mentioned in
the poem are the Six Honest Serving-Men.

2.Where did the poet send his honest
friends? Why?**

 Ans.-     The poet sends his “honest friends”
everywhere, over land and sea, to work for him. He sends these friends to
gather information and help him in his work or tasks.

3.What does the poet do after his
friends have worked for him?**

    The poet gives his friends a break or rest
after they have worked for him.

4.What does the poet mean by taking
rest from nine to five?**

 The poet means that from nine to
five, he lets his friends (the serving-men) rest because he is busy with his
own needs such as meals, like breakfast, lunch, and tea, as they are hungry

C2. 1. Write
the message of the poem ‘Six Honest Friends’.

 The message of the poem ‘Six
Honest Friends’ revolves around the idea of the important questions of ‘How,’
‘Where,’ and ‘Why,’ symbolized by the serving-men, which help in understanding
and exploring various aspects of life.

2. Pick out the rhyming words from the

 Rhyming words in the poem:






II. About the Poet :

Rudyard Kipling, born in Mumbai in 1865, was a versatile
writer known for his poetry, novels, and short stories. After spending time in
England, he returned to India and worked as a journalist. In 1907, he became
the first English writer to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature. He was noted
for his works both for children and adults.


There are a few
statements given below. Read them and share your responses with your friends.

a. Valuable
advice you got from a friend.

b. Valuable
advice you gave to your friend.

c. The
problem you shared with your mother.

Regarding the suggested activity, here
are some responses:

a. Valuable advice I got from a friend: My friend once
advised me to stay persistent and never give up on my dreams, which has been a
guiding principle for me.

b. Valuable advice I gave to my friend: I advised my friend
to prioritize self-care and allocate time for relaxation amidst their busy
schedule to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

c. The problem I shared with my mother: I confided in my
mother about struggling to manage my time effectively, and she suggested
creating a schedule to organize tasks efficiently.

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