9th English (TL) 8.Believe in Yourself


Class – 9 
Syllabus – Karnataka state 
Subject – English (3rd Language)
Lesson Notes And Textbook Solutions 


 “Believe in Yourself”

Pre-Reading Activity:

1. Things I like about myself: _(For example, I
am kind, good at drawing, etc.)_

2. Strengths:

– My Strengths: _(List things you’re good at)_

1. Creativity: I’m good at
coming up with new ideas and solutions.

2. Communication: I can express
myself well, both verbally and in writing.

3. Adaptability: I’m flexible
and can adjust to new situations easily.

4. Persistence: I tend to
persevere in the face of challenges.

5. Organizational Skills: I’m
good at planning and managing tasks effectively.


– My Weaknesses: _(List things you find challenging)_

1. Procrastination: Sometimes, I
delay tasks and struggle with time management.

2. Public Speaking: I feel
nervous speaking in front of large groups.

3. Perfectionism: I spend too
much time perfecting things, which affects my productivity.

4. Taking Criticism: I find it
hard to handle criticism without feeling discouraged.

5. Delegation: I tend to take on
too much responsibility and have difficulty delegating tasks.


– Ways to overcome weaknesses: _(Ideas on how to get better at the
things you find hard)_

1. Procrastination: Setting
smaller goals and deadlines can help manage tasks better.

2. Public Speaking: Practicing
in front of a mirror or joining a public speaking group can build confidence.

3. Perfectionism: Learning to
prioritize tasks and accept that not everything needs to be perfect can be

4. Taking Criticism: Seeing
feedback as a means to improve rather than a personal attack can change

5. Delegation: Gradually
entrusting others with tasks and acknowledging their capabilities can ease this


Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each :

1. Why does the poet say ‘you deserve
the best’?

The poet says ‘you deserve the best’ because it is a reflection of one’s
self-worth and the capacity to achieve excellence.

2. Who should you believe? Why?

You should believe in yourself because your own self-belief plays a
crucial role in determining the outcomes of your efforts and aspirations.

3. Why should you set your standards

Setting high standards means aiming for really good things instead of
just okay ones.

4. What should be your attitude?

Your attitude should be positive and strong, like you know you can do
great things.

5. Why should you not worry even if you
wander searching your destination?

 It’s okay if you don’t always
know exactly where you’re going because learning along the way is important.

6. How should you take your life?

Take all the experiences and knowledge gained to maximize your potential
and become the best version of yourself.


7. Pick out the rhyming words from the


best – less,

choose – lose,

way – way,

be – free.

B. Write the summary of the
poem in about 5-10 lines.

Summary of the Poem:

The poem, “Believe in Yourself” by Jillian K. Hunt, encourages
individuals to set high standards, strive for the best, and maintain a winning
attitude. It emphasizes the importance of self-belief, urging readers to pursue
their goals with confidence. The poet suggests that even if one deviates from
the planned path, the crucial aspect is the knowledge gained along the way. The
poem concludes by urging individuals to use their experiences and growth to
soar above challenges and let their dreams set them free.

C. Write a paragraph about how
you help your friend gain confidence using the clues given below: Discuss the
answers with your partner before you write it down.

ask about his/her problems – know the reasons –
know the responsible persons – give suggestions – make him/her analyse the
problem – make him/her realize his/her responsibility – convince to have hopes

 To help a friend gain confidence,
I would start by asking about their problems and understanding the reasons
behind their lack of confidence. Identifying the responsible persons or factors
contributing to their low self-esteem would be crucial. I would offer
supportive suggestions, encouraging them to analyze the problems and realize
their responsibilities in overcoming challenges. Convincing them to maintain
hope and belief in their abilities would be a key aspect of my support.
Overall, the goal would be to empower my friend by providing guidance,
understanding, and motivation to build confidence and face life’s challenges



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