9th Grade English(TL)1.Kindness to Animals



1.Kindness to Animals

Class- 9

Board – State Board Karnataka

9th Grade English(TL)1.Kindness to Animals

Syllabus – State

Sub. – English (3rd Language)

Poetry – 1.Kindness to Animals

Topic covered – Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar.


C1. Answer the following questions in a word, a phrase or in a sentence each.

1. What are the ‘‘things that feel and live?’’

Ans. – The “things that feel and live” refer to animals or creatures in the poem.

2. Where does the little hare lie?

Ans.- The little hare lies in her green grassy lair.

3. We call the hare a timid animal because ……………….(complete )

Ans.- Because it peeps from its hiding place in a cautious and fearful manner, showing its timidity.

4. Where does the lark fly?

Ans.- The lark flies high up to the bright windows of the sky.

5.The lark sings happily during …………………(winter,

summer, spring).choose the right answer.

Ans. The lark sings happily during spring.

6. The speaker in this poem is …………………( the poet, the

hare, the lark)

Ans.- The speaker in this poem is the poet.

C2. Answer the following questions in three to four sentences

each :

1. How does robin repay the children?

Ans. – The robin repays the children by singing a song as a way of expressing gratitude for the crumbs they save for it.The act of feeding the robin and providing it with food is rewarded with its beautiful song.

2. What advice does the poet give to the children?

Ans. –  The poet advises the children to never give pains or harm to all living creatures.They should allow the hare to come out and play freely. The poet also wants them to let the lark sing happily.It is important for the children to always treat these gentle creatures with kindness and never do anything harmful to them.

C3. Match the animals in column ‘B’ with their qualities in column ‘A’ and rewrite them in column ‘C’.

Ans. –

Timid          –  hare 

Cunning     –  fox 

Ferocious  –  lion  

Naughty     –  monkey

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