6th ENGLISH (TL) Supplementary Reading 2.Miriam and Moses

Karnataka State Syllabus

In ancient times, Miriam and her family lived in Egypt, but they were Hebrews from Israel. They had migrated to Egypt many years earlier and endured harsh lives as slaves. The Egyptian Pharaoh, fearing the growing number of Hebrews, decreed that all newborn Hebrew boys be thrown into the river.

At this time, Miriam’s mother gave birth to a baby boy. To protect him, she placed the baby in a basket and hid it among the river bushes, instructing Miriam to watch over him from a distance. Soon, the Pharaoh’s daughter discovered the baby while bathing in the river. Feeling compassion for the child, she decided to raise him but needed someone to nurse him.

Miriam bravely approached the princess and offered to find a Hebrew woman who could care for the baby. She brought her own mother, who then nursed the child. The princess, unaware of their relationship, agreed and promised to pay her well. The baby, still living with his family, was named Moses by the princess.

Moses grew up in the Egyptian palace. As an adult, he became a great leader who eventually guided the people of Israel out of Egyptian bondage and back to Canaan, their ancestral homeland, where they built new lives.

hard life -हार्ड लाईफ्=  खडतर जीवन

parents -पॅरेन्टस्=  आई वडील

afraid -अफ्रेड्=  भीती वाटणे

Hebrew -हिब्रु=  इस्त्रालय देशाचे रहिवासी

slave -स्लेव्ह=  गुलाम

new-born -न्यू बॉर्न=  नवजात

fight -फाईट्=  लढणे

against -अगेन्स्ट्=  ..च्या विरुद्ध

thrown -थ्रोन=  फेकले जावेत

watch -वाच्=  लक्ष ठेवणे

hid -हिड्=  लपणे

worried -वरीड्=  चिंतेत असणे

bush -बुश=  झुडुप

maid -मेड्=  दासी

princess -प्रिन्सेस्=  राजकन्या

knelt -क्नेल्ट्=  गुडघे टेकुन बसली

agree -अॅग्री=  संमती देणे

own -ओन्=  स्वतःचे

leader -लीडर्=  नेता

together -टुगेदर्=  एकत्र

I. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each:

1.What is the other name for Hebrews or the people of Israel?

Ans – The other name for Hebrews is the people of Israel.

2.Do you think Moses’ mother was clever in arranging the little trick with the princess?

Ans. – Yes, Moses’ mother was clever in arranging the trick with the princess because it saved Moses’ life and allowed him to grow up safely.

3.Talk to your teacher or friend and know more about Moses.

4. Do you know of any other story where an attempt was made to kill a small baby boy because he was thought to be a threat to the king later on in life?

  • Yes, a similar story is found in the Bible, where King Herod ordered the Massacre of the Innocents in an attempt to kill baby Jesus, whom he perceived as a future threat to his throne.

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