6th ENGLISH (TL) Supplementary Reading 3.Angulimala

Karnataka State Syllabus

Central Idea of “Angulimala”

The central idea of “Angulimala” revolves around the transformative power of compassion and wisdom embodied by Lord Buddha. The story depicts how Buddha encounters Angulimala, a feared and ruthless robber, who terrorizes a forest by killing people and wearing their fingers as a gruesome necklace. Despite Angulimala’s notorious reputation, Buddha approaches him with calmness and compassion, eventually leading to Angulimala’s realization of his wrongdoings. Through Buddha’s gentle and persistent demeanor, Angulimala experiences a profound change of heart and becomes one of Buddha’s followers. The story highlights the potential for even the most hardened individuals to change when met with understanding and compassion.

crowd -क्राऊड्=  जमाव

angry -अँग्री=  रागावणे

followers -फालोअर्स=  अनुयायी

excitedly -इक्सायटेडली=  उत्साहाने

huge -ह्यूज=  प्रचंड

strong -स्ट्राँग=  शक्तीशाली, बळकट

cruel -क्रुएल=  दुष्ट, वाईट

constantly -कॉन्स्टन्टली=  अचलपणे, निश्चितपणे

priest -प्रीस्ट्=  पाद्री, पुजारी

cave -केव्ह=  गुहा

terribly -टेरिबली=  अतिशय भयंकरपणे

calmly -कामली=  शांतपणे, थंडपणे

Answer the Following Questions in One or Two Sentences Each:

1.Why were the men in the crowd disturbed?

      • The men were disturbed because a cruel robber named Angulimala was terrorizing the forest, killing people, and preventing them from gathering firewood or grazing cattle.

      2. In what way was Buddha different when he went near Angulimala’s cave?

        • Buddha was different because he was calm and wore the yellow clothes of an ordinary priest, walking peacefully instead of running like others.

        3.Could there have been any other way of transforming Angulimala into a calm man?

          • While there might have been other ways to transform Angulimala, Buddha’s approach of calmness, compassion, and gentle words effectively changed him.

          4. Narrate to your partner any other story of Buddha.

            • One day, a young woman named Kisagotami lost her only child and was devastated. In her grief, she approached Buddha, asking him to bring her child back to life. Buddha told her to find a mustard seed from a household that had never experienced death. As she searched, she realized that every family had faced loss, helping her understand that death is a natural part of life. This realization brought her peace and acceptance.
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