Bridge Course Class 4 ENGLISH (SL)




Competencies,Model Question Papers,Worksheets

    In the year 2022-23, The State Government has given special priority to the Bridge course program. In the year 2023-24. For this, the Honourable Commissioner of School Education Department, Bangalore has ordered in the circular dated 30-03-2023 to conduct the bridge course program for classes 1st to 3rd standard from 01-06-2023 to 30-06-2023 and this has also been proposed in the memorandum dated 08-05-2023 of Honourable State Planning Director, S S K. So, to conduct Bridge course systematically, an outline was prepared from 1st to 9th class by State Resource Team, sample questions of all subjects and list of activities to be conducted is uploaded on D S.E.R.T website.

    In order to create a bridge between previous academic year and current academic year’s learning out comes, the model question paper for pre-test is prepared. Teachers use the same question paper for the current year keeping in mind students learning out comes of previous year. After the pre-test, the teacher should analyze the children’s pre-test results and maintain the record.

     Further, those students who are lagging in any learning outcome should be prioritized, for that learning outcome, using the model activities given in the respective learning competency or by designing similar activities, remedial teaching should be given to the students. At the end of Bridge course, assess the answer paper of the achievement test or prepare and use the question paper accordingly. Analyzing the progress of the children in the achievement test and prepare the SAP by listing the outstanding learning outcomes of the students by the respective subject teachers. Then, by preparing an action plan at their level, keeping in mind the achievement of the learning outcomes of the respective students, remedial teaching should be given to the children during the class period or in the form of homework, to achieve the learning outcomes successfully.

1.Recite any rhyme or Poem loudly.

2. Talk about your favourite toy, fruit, flower etc.

3. Name any five things you see in your house

4. Name the months of the year.

 5. Name any five fruits/animals/birds/colours /vegetables.

 6. Talk about your family members.

7. Say numbers from 1 to 20.

8. Name the days of the week.

9. Talk about your village or grandfather.

 10. Talk about yourself.

Pre test Sample question paper (written)

1. What is your name?

2. How old are you?

3. What is your father?

4. Who is your teacher?

5. Do you like dancing?

6. Write your favourite colour?

7. Which story do you like?

8. Name a fruit which starts from letter “B”?

9. Do you have sisters?

10.What is your mother’s name?


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