Republic Day English Speech 2


Republic Day English Speech 2

Good morning everyone,

I am filled with joy and pride as I stand here to celebrate our 75th Republic Day. This day holds immense significance in the history of our nation. It marks the moment when India adopted its Constitution and became a sovereign, democratic republic.

Our Constitution is like a guiding compass that shows us the path of justice, equality, and liberty. It gives us the freedom to express our thoughts, follow our dreams, and live together in harmony. As young citizens, we must understand and appreciate the values enshrined in our Constitution.

On this special day, let us remember the sacrifices of our great leaders who fought for our freedom. They dreamed of an India where everyone is treated equally, irrespective of caste, creed, or gender. It is our duty to carry forward their legacy and build a nation where everyone can live with dignity and respect.

As we celebrate Republic Day, let us also reflect on our responsibilities as citizens. Let us be responsible, compassionate, and caring towards our fellow citizens. Small acts of kindness can make a big difference in creating a harmonious society.

So, my dear friends, let’s pledge to be good citizens, to uphold the values of our Constitution, and to contribute towards building a better and brighter India.

Happy Republic Day!

“Hello everyone,

Today, we celebrate a special day in India – Republic Day. It’s a day when we honor the moment our country’s Constitution came into effect.

But what’s a Constitution? Well, it’s like a rulebook, but for a whole country! It’s a set of rules that tell us how our country should be run and how everyone’s rights should be protected.

India’s Constitution was adopted on January 26, 1950. It’s a big deal because it gave us the power to govern ourselves and make decisions for our nation.

Republic Day is not just about celebrations; it’s a day to remember the values of unity, diversity, and freedom. India is a diverse land with different languages, cultures, and traditions, and our Constitution respects and protects every person’s beliefs and rights.

On this day, we also remember and honor the brave people who fought for our freedom. Their sacrifices and hard work inspire us to be better citizens and contribute to our country’s progress.

As we celebrate Republic Day, let’s pledge to uphold the principles of justice, equality, and fraternity. Let’s work together to make our nation stronger, more inclusive, and a better place for everyone.

Happy Republic Day, everyone! Jai Hind!”

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