10th English 3rd Language 2.THE TIGER AND THE DEER


Subject – English (3rd Language)

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                                         Poetry 2-  THE TIGER AND THE DEER

                                                                     Sri Aurobindo.


Sri Aurobindo was an Indian nationalist, poet, philosopher, and spiritual leader born on August 15, 1872, in Kolkata, India.He played a key role in India’s independence movement before turning to spiritual pursuits. A proponent of Integral Yoga, he envisioned the evolution of human consciousness and a divine life on Earth. His writings, including “The Life Divine” and “Savitri,” continue to inspire people worldwide. He passed away on December 5, 1950, leaving behind a rich legacy of spiritual wisdom and a profound impact on the Indian nationalist movement.

I. Comprehension:

A. Answer the following questions:

1. What does the poet compare ‘ The Tiger and the deer’ to in this poem.

Ans. – In this poem, the poet compares ‘The Tiger and the deer’ to the concept of nature and the cycle of life and death.

2. How does the tiger attack its prey?

Ans. –The tiger attacks its prey by crouching and creeping silently, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce.

3. What does the tiger stand for in this poem?

Ans. – The tiger symbolizes the strong and cruel beauty in nature.

4. According to the poet what does the deer remember at the time of death?

Ans. –According to the poet, at the time of death, the deer remembers its mate left alone in the deep woodland.

5. Pick out the words used by the poet to describe the nature of the tiger.

Ans. – The words used by the poet to describe the nature of the tiger are “brilliant,” “mighty,” and “soundless paws of grandeur and murder.”

6. According to the poet what would happen to the mighty and weak in the future?

Ans. – According to the poet, in the future, the mighty (like the tiger) may perish in their might, while the slain (like the deer) survive the slayer.

B. Dictionary work:

Sit in pairs, refer the dictionary and find out the meaning of the following words.Crouching: to bend low and stay close to the ground Slouching: to sit, stand, or walk lazily and with poor posture Grandeur: splendor or magnificence Mammoth: a large and extinct elephant-like mammal Slain: killed or destroyed violently.


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