10th English 3rd Language 2.AT THE ZOO



Subject – English (3rd Language)

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10th English 3rd Language 2.AT THE ZOO



Comprehension questions :

A. Answer the following
questions in two or three sentences each:

1. What was each of the following doing at the zoo –
the baby elephant, the young antelope, the giraffe?

The baby elephant was
rocking through its chained legs.The young antelope was racing madly around.The
giraffe was standing by a huge shed and eating leaves from a tall tree.
2. How was the grandpa elephant used for the enjoyment
of children?

 The grandpa elephant was used for the
enjoyment of children by allowing them to ride on its back.
3. Make a list of the birds mentioned in the lesson.

Ans. –  The
birds mentioned in the lesson are parrots, cockatoos, and ducks.


4. What are the things said about each of the animals?

Ans. – The lesson provides descriptions and
observations about each animal mentioned, such as the elephants’ different
behaviors, the antelope’s racing and resting, the giraffe’s height and eating
habits, and the presence of lions, tigers, polar bears, monkeys, and other
beasts in the zoo.
5. Study the beginning and ending of this letter and
say who is writing it and to whom. What words would you use at the beginning
and end of the letter when you write to your father, your friend or a stranger?

Ans. – The letter is written by Gopi to his
brother Vishnu. At the beginning, one can use words like “Dear,”
“Hello,” or “Hi,” and at the end, words like
“Love,” “Regards,” or “Best wishes” can be used
when writing to a father, friend, or stranger.


Vocabulary work :

Read the following names of animals and make a list of them in three categories
as shown in the table below:

1. Dog               2. Tiger        

Rabbit         4. Fish          

5. Pig                6. Sheep          

7. Buffalo         8. Lion          

9. Elephant       10. Goat

11. Camel         12. Deer      

13. Giraffe        14. Rhino      

15. Zebra         16.

1. Pet animals: Dog, Rabbit, Pig, Sheep, Goat

2. Wild animals: Tiger, Lion, Elephant, Deer, Giraffe, Rhino, Zebra

3. Reared for milk and meat: Buffalo, Cow


B. Match the following animals with the
places they are kept:

A                    B

1. giraffe                a. net

2. tiger                   b.

3. birds                  c.

4. dogs                  d.

5. fish                    c.

 Ans. –    1. Giraffe           d.
               2. Tiger             c. den
               3. Birds             a. net
              4. Dogs              c. kennel
              5. Fish                b. shelter

III. Language Activities:

A. Study the following examples:

One idea can be written in two ways.

1. He writes a good story.

A good story is written by him.

2. They played cricket.

Cricket was played by them.

Write the following in two ways:

1. She bought new car.

    A new car was bought by her.

2. Rakshith killed a snake.

    The snake was killed by Rakshith.

3. Sheela prepared food.

        Food was prepared by Sheela.

4. He posted a letter.

    A letter was posted by him.

    5. She gave a nice speech.

nice speech was given by her.


B. Study the following examples:

This jug is broken.
It cannot hold water.

This broken jug
cannot hold water.

Kumar played
well. He I got the first prize.

Kumar played
well and got the first prize.

This is the
girl. This girl stood first in the class.

This is the girl
who stood first in the class.

Combine the following sentences using the above examples:

The hunter took up the gun. He went to the forest.

hunter took up the gun and went to the forest.

There was no quorum. The meeting was postponed.

there was no quorum, the meeting was postponed.

3) She will succeed. I expect it
I expect her to succeed.

Write a letter to a friend giving him an account of your visit to a market
place or museum.

Dear Sushant,

I hope you’re doing well! I wanted to tell
you all about my recent visit to a market place. It was so much fun!

When I entered the market, there were lots
of people walking around and stalls everywhere. It was really colorful and
lively. There were so many things to see and buy! I saw fruits, vegetables,
clothes, toys, and even some cute pets for sale.

I got to try some delicious snacks too! I
had a yummy ice cream cone and some tasty cotton candy. It was a treat for my
taste buds! I also saw people making fresh popcorn and selling hot dogs. The
market was filled with yummy smells.

I went from stall to stall, looking at all
the different things. I saw beautiful handmade jewelry and colorful clothes.
There were also some artists painting pictures and musicians playing music. It
was like a big party!

I bought a little souvenir for you. It’s a
small keychain with a cute design. I hope you’ll like it!

Overall, my visit to the market was really
exciting. There were so many interesting things to see and try. I can’t wait to
tell you more about it when we meet next time.

Take care and see
you soon!


Your friend,

[Your Name]

D. Write two paragraphs on any one of the

Choose one animal
(camel, cow, buffalo, monkey, parrot, dog) and write two paragraphs describing
A camel is a large animal that lives in desert areas. It has a long neck
and a hump on its back. The hump helps the camel to store fat and water, which
it can use when there is no food or water available. Camels have long legs that
allow them to walk easily on sandy surfaces. They can also go for a long time
without drinking water, which makes them well-suited for desert environments.
Camels are known for their ability to carry heavy loads and travel long
distances. They are often used by people living in deserts as a mode of
transportation. Camels have a special ability to close their nostrils and thick
eyelashes to protect themselves from sandstorms. They are fascinating animals
that have adapted to survive in harsh desert conditions.

A cow is a domestic animal that is commonly found on farms. It is a large
and gentle animal with a big body and four legs. Cows are known for their milk
production, and they provide us with nutritious milk, which is used to make
various dairy products like butter, cheese, and yogurt. They have a special
organ called the udder, from which the milk is extracted. Cows eat grass and
other plants, and they spend a lot of time grazing in fields. They have a calm
and peaceful nature and are often seen chewing their cud, which is a process of
regurgitating and re-chewing food to aid in digestion. Cows are important for
agriculture as they help in plowing fields and provide manure, which is used as
a natural fertilizer. They are gentle creatures that are valued for their
contributions to human society.

The buffalo is a large animal that is often found in countries with a warm
climate, such as India. It is similar to a cow but has a bigger body, long
curved horns, and a thick neck. Buffaloes are known for their strength and are
often used for farming activities like plowing fields and pulling heavy loads.
They are herbivores and feed on grass and other vegetation. Buffaloes are also
valued for their milk production, which is commonly used to make dairy products
like yogurt and butter. They are hardy animals that can endure hot weather and
are often seen bathing in water to cool themselves. Buffaloes play an important
role in the lives of farmers and are considered a symbol of wealth and
prosperity in many cultures.


Monkeys are small to medium-sized primates that are known for their agility and
playfulness. They have long arms and a long tail, which helps them to climb
trees and swing from branch to branch. Monkeys are highly intelligent animals
and are found in various parts of the world, including tropical rainforests and
jungles. They live in groups called troops and have a social structure within
their community. Monkeys have a varied diet and eat fruits, leaves, insects,
and sometimes even small animals. They communicate with each other through different
vocalizations and gestures. Monkeys are known for their mischievous nature and
are often seen jumping and playing around. They are fascinating creatures to
observe in their natural habitat.

Parrots are colorful birds known for their ability to mimic sounds and
human speech. They have a strong beak, bright feathers, and strong claws that
help them to perch on branches. Parrots come in various sizes and colors, and
they are found in tropical regions around the world. They feed on fruits, seeds,
nuts, and sometimes even flowers. Parrots are highly intelligent and can be
trained to perform tricks and learn new words. They are social birds and often
live in flocks. Parrots use their vocal abilities to communicate with each
other and to establish their territory. They have a long lifespan and can live
for several decades.Parrots are popular as pets due to their beauty and ability
to mimic human speech, but they are also important for maintaining the balance
of ecosystems as seed dispersers.

E.Learn the following words:
Zoo – a garden in which animals and birds of many kinds from
different countries are kept for show.
Aquarium – a place made for keeping fishes, water plants, and water animals.
Aviary – a place for keeping birds.
Garden – a place for growing vegetables or flowers.
Apiary – a place where bees are kept.
Orchard – a place where fruit trees are grown.
Points to Remember.
largest bird – Ostrich
smallest bird – humming bird
longest migratory bird – Arctic tern
flightless bird – Emu
widest winged bird – Albatross
Largest mammal – blue whale
Largest terrestrial animal – elephant
Tailless animal – giraffe
Flying mammal – bat
Egg laying mammal – platypus
Extinct reptile – dinosaur


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