ENGLISH Comprehension 7





ENGLISH Comprehension 7
Read the passage and answer the following questions..

        Satish and Seeta are parents.They have two children. They are Amol and Anita.They go to a movie Tanaji. Amol loved movie.Anita did not like the movie.

Fill in the blanks.

(movie, Amol and Anita , Tanaji)

1.Satish and Seeta have                     children.

2.Name of the movie                .

3.Amol loved                        .

True (✅) or  False (❎)

1.Satish and Seeta are parents.  [        ]

2.Amol and Anita are children. [        ]

3.They go to zoo.  [        ]


4.Amol loved the movie. [        ]

Answer the following..

1.Who are parents?

A ) Satish and Seeta

B) Amol and Anita

2.Which movie do they go?

A) Bahubali

B) Tanaji  

C) Mother India


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