ENGLISH Comprehension 6




ENGLISH Comprehension 6


    Read the passage and answer the following- 

            Neha went to the zoo yesterday. She saw lions, monkeys, elephants etc.The monkeys were swinging.The lions were in the den. Elephants were eating grass.

Fill in the blanks.

1. Neha went to the                          .

2. Lions were in

3. Elephants were

True (✅) or  False (❎)

1. Neha saw  monkeys.  [        ]

2.She goes to the zoo today.  [        ]

3.The monkeys were swinging.  [        ]

4.The lions were in the den.  [        ]

Answer the following..

1.Where did Neha go yesterday?      

A ) park    

B) movie   

C) zoo

Ans. – 

2.Which animals were swinging?

A ) lions                  

B) monkeys                 

C) elephants

Ans. –  


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