8th English (TL) Poem 7 AUTHORSHIP

 Lesson 15



Authorship –थरशिप- लेखकत्त्व

understand –अंडरस्टड- समजणे

really –रिअली- खरोखर

never –नेव्हर- कधीही नाही

giant –जायंट- सामान्य माणसापेक्षा प्रबळ असा महाकाय

fairies –फेअरीज- पऱ्या

princess –प्रिन्सेस- राजकन्या
bath –
बाथ- स्नान, आंघोळ

keep –कीप- ठेवणे

dishes –डिशेस- खाद्यपदार्थ

warm –वार्म- गरम, उष्ण

forget –फॉरगेट- विसरणे

naughty –नॉटी-खट्याळ,खोडकर
noise –
नॉईज- आवाज,गोंगाट

waste –वेस्ट- वाया

scold – स्कोल्ड – फटकारणे,रागावणे

heap –हीप- ढीग

sheet –शीट- कागद

 troublesome –ट्रबलसम- त्रासदायक

spoil –स्पॉईल- खराब करणे,फाजिल लाड करून बिघडवणे

Comprehension Questions:

1. Who is the speaker in the poem?

Ans. – The
speaker in the poem is a child.

2. What does the child want the father to write about?

Ans. – The
child wants the father to write nice stories like the ones the mother tells
about giants, fairies, and princesses.

3. The father forgets to have his bath and food. Why does this

Ans. – The
father gets so engrossed in writing that he forgets about his bath and food.

4. Why does the mother keep scolding the child?

Ans. – The
mother scolds the child for making noise or playing in the father’s room when
he’s working.

5. When does the mother get cross with the child?

 Ans. – The
mother gets cross when the child tries to imitate the father by writing on his

6. The father wastes heaps of paper but the mother keeps quiet but
scolds the child when he
takes one sheet to make
a boat. Why is that?

Ans. – The
mother scolds the child because she thinks it’s troublesome when the child uses
paper to make a boat, but she doesn’t scold the father for using lots of paper
for his work.

7. Is the mother right in suppressing the enthusiasm of the child?

Ans. – That’s
a tricky question! Some might think the mother is being unfair because she
scolds the child for doing things similar to what the father does. Others might
think she’s trying to teach the child not to waste paper.


1. Write down instances from your childhood when you were prevented
from doing what you
wanted to.

   – Think about times when you wanted to do
something, but an adult stopped you. It could be playing with something
special, going somewhere, or doing an activity you liked. Write about those

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