decided –डिसाईडेड= निश्चय केला.

ruled –रुल्ड= राज्य केले

care –केअर= काळजी

whenever –व्हेनइव्हर= जेव्हा जेव्हा

rest –रेस्ट= आराम, विश्रांती

few –फ्यू= काही,थोडे

built –बिल्ट= बांधले, बांधली;

carry –कॅरी= वाहून नेणे

basket –बास्केट= टोपली

became –बिकेम= झाले;

pilgrimage –पिलीग्रिमेज्= तिर्थयात्रा,
धार्मिक स्थळांची यात्रा

hut –हट्= झोपडी

found –फाउंड= सापडले

thirsty –थस्टी= तहानलेले

told –टोल्ड= सांगितले;

fetch –फेच= जाउन आणणे

darkness –डार्कनेस= अंधार

pot –पॉट= भांडे

dipped –डिपड्= {पाण्यात} बुडविले: (to dip चा भूतकाळ)बुडविणे

arrived –अराईव्ह्ड= आगमन झाले

accurate –अॅक्यूरेट= बरोबर

struck –स्ट्रक= तडाखा दिला

straight –स्ट्रेट= थेट, सरळ

expert –एक्सपर्ट= निष्णात

archery –आर्चरि= धनुर्विद्या

merely –मेरलि= फक्त,केवळ

caused by –कॉज्ड बाय=… च्या मुळे

movement –मुव्हमेंट= हालचाल

heard –हर्ड= ऐकला, ऐकले; {to hear चा भूतकाळ } ऐकणे

arrow –अॅरो= बाण

aimed –एमड्= नेम धरला;

cry of pain –क्राय ऑफ पेन= वेदनेने विव्हळणे

shocked –शॉक्ड्= धक्का बसला

realized –रिअलाईज्ड= लक्षात आले

wounded –वाऊंडेड= जखमी झाला

condition –कंडिशन= स्थिती

worried about –वरिड अबाऊट= च्या बद्दल

dying –डाईग= मरत असणे

begged –बेगड= याचना केली.

forgiveness –फॉरगिव्हनेस=क्षमाशीलता

blind –ब्लाईड= आंधळे

satisfy –सॅटिस्फाई= समाधान करणे

thirst –थस्ट= तहान

died –डाईड= मेला, मृत्यू पावला

inform –इनफॉर्म= माहिती देणे

sad news –ड= दुःखद बातमी

death –डेथ= मृत्यू

quenched –क्वेन्चड्= तहान भागविली

inquired –इनक्वायर्ड= चौकशी केली

late –लेट= उशीर

horrified –हॉरिफाईड्= भयभीत

misery –मिसरी= दुःख, हाल

helpless –हेल्पलेस= असहाय्य

 reached –रिचड्= पोहोचला

happened –हॅपन्ड= घडले

grief –ग्रिफ= दुःखाचे कारण

embraced –एम्बेस्ड्= अलिंगन दिले. कवटाळले

anxiously –अंक्सियसलि= आतूरतेने

arrange –अॅरेंज= व्यवस्था करणे

funeral pyre –फ्युनरल पार= सरण , दफन ढीग

weeping – विपिंग = रडणे

live –लिव्ह= राहणे, जगणे


A. Let us understand the meanings of the
following words and

use them in sentences of our own-

1.  Suma always works hard. She solves sums
effortlessly. She also draws geometrical figures accurately. Teacher
always appreciates her

Ø Rohit solves that example accurately.

2. The boy was very
thirsty after doing some exercise. He could not find water nearby. As soon as
he reached home, he ran to the kitchen to quench his thirst.

Ø Shital quenched thirst of a
poor boy.

The results of my brother was expected. All of us were waiting anxiously
for the result.

Ø   My
anxiously waiting for his final result.

B. Choose the right word that is spelt
correctly among the group of words and underline them (One is done for you.
Work in groups using a dictionary).

1. pilligrimage, pilgrimage,
piligremage, Piligramage, pilegrimage

2. forgiveness,
firgiveness, forgivenes, foregiviness, fargiveness

3. fetch, fecht,
fech, fetche, fatch,

4. thrist, therst,
thisty, thirts, thirst

5. anxiousli, anxiously,
anxiouosly, anxusly, anciously

6 . suffering,
sufering, seffering, surfering, saffering

C. Give one word for the
following. The answers are hidden in the puzzle. Find those words. Discuss and
complete the puzzle. (The first one is done for you)

1. Going to religious
places Pilgrimage

2. A small house built of
mud with thatched roof

3. A strong feeling to
drink water Thirsty

4. This is a place where
patients are treated Hospital

5. This is a place where
books and magazines are kept for reading Library

6. This is a man who
fights for the country Soldier

7. Noise made by monkeys Chatter

D. Form new words by adding one letter to the
words or changing the letter of the words underlined (One example is given).

1. Add a letter to lass
to make it a thing from which we drink water.

Answer: glass

2. Add one letter to lack
to make it a colour.

Answer :black

3. Add one letter to cold
to blame some one.

Answer : scold

4. Add one letter to room
to make a thing used for sweeping.

Answer : broom

5. Change one letter from
call to make it a young one of a cow.

Answer :calf

6. Change one letter from
heal to mean something we eat in the afternoon.

Answer : meal



A. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences

1. How would
Shravana carry his parents ?

Ans: Shravana used to sit his parents in two baskets (kavadi). He carried these baskets
(kavadi) on his shoulder

2. Where did
Shravana’s parents want their son to take them?

Ans: Shravana’s parents wanted to visit holy places.So they asked

Shravana to take them on a pilgrimage.

3. Where did they
want to rest on the way ?

Ans. – Shravan’s parents wanted to rest at a river bank.

4. Why did Shravana
go out in the night?

Ans: Shravana go out to bring water for his parents.

5. Who killed
Shravana ?

Ans: King Dasharatha killed Shravana.

6. What did
Dasharatha realize later on ?

Ans: Dasharatha realized that he had made a mistake and a human being had
been hurt by his arrow.

7. Who took a pot of
water to the old couple?

Ans: Dasharatha took a pot of water to the old couple.

8. Who cursed Dasharatha?
What was the curse ?

Ans: Shravana’s parents cursed Dasharatha.They cursed him that one day
Dasharatha will die suffering the pain of separation from his son.

9. How did the old
parent’s curse come true ?

Ans: The curse had its effect long afterwards, when Shri Rama left his
parents in Ayodhya and went to live in the forest.
Dasharatha died suffering the pain of separation from
his son Rama.

B. Read the statements and answer the questions that follow.

1. “He took his arrow
and aimed in the direction of the sound.”

a. Who took his arrow ?

Ans.: King Dasharatha took his arrow.

b. What was the sound ?

Ans.: The sound was of dipping pot in water.

c. What happened when he shot the arrow ?

Ans. : When he shot the arrow,he heard a man’s cry.

2. “He rushed to the
other side of the river and found

a. Who rushed to the other side of the river?

Ans: Dasharatha rushed to the other side of the river.

Ans: wounded boy crying in pain.”

b. Why did he rush to the other side 7

Ans: Because he heard a man’s cry

c. Who was the wounded boy ?

Ans. Shravana Kumar the wounded boy

3. “Oh King, you are
responsible for our sorrow.”

a. Who said this ?

Ans: Parents of Shravana Kumar said this.

b. What was their ?sorrow

Ans:Their son Shravana Kumar was died because of Dasharatha’s grave

c. What was the effect of their sorrow on the king ?

Ans. : The king Dasharatha was also died suffering the pain of separation
from his son Rama


A. Fill in the blanks using the words /
phrases doing, to do, and

done. Use the correct tense

    Yesterday, mother asked me, “Have you done the

 I answered that I was doing it and going to
finish it soon.

   “What are you going to do after completing
the homework?,” asked the mother.

I said, “I am going to
watch TV”

B. Pick out the nouns and verbs from the
following sentences and write them in their respective columns (One is done for
you. Sit in group of two and do the task).

1. Shravana’s parents
quenched their thirst.

2. Shravana kumara was
shot by Dasharatha.

3. The customer
complained to the manager.

4. Children enjoy
watching television.

5. Mother is cooking
delicious food for the guests.

6. The sailors landed on
the island.

C. “As you sow, so shall you reap.” This is a
proverb. Such proverbs are given below. But they are incomplete. Fill in the
other half which is given in brackets choosing them


(is a friend indeed, is
worth two in the bush, you leap,

the best policy, is not
gold, at home)

1. All that glitters is not gold.

2. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

3. Honesty is the best policy

4. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

5. Look before you leap

6. Charity begins at home.


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