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– 3

                                               GURU NANAK


A. Choose the appropriate words and phrases
given in brackets and complete the following sentences . One is done for you.

(worldly pleasures,
forefathers, strange, humourous, poisonous,

fierce, pleased)

Example : Buddha renounced the worldly
and left home in search of truth.

 1. There was a fierce battle
between Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi and the British.

2. This property belongs
to our forefathers.

3. Not all snakes, but
only some are poisonous.

4. Sneha enjoys humorous

     5. The man looked
very strange because of the dress he was wearing.

B. Who am I ? Find the words and fill in
the missing letters to get the right answer. Follow the example.

Example: I argue in the court to
get justice to people

L a w y e r

I entertain people in the circus.

Ans – j o k
e r

I perform on stage.

Ans. – a r t i
s t

I write novels.

Ans. – n o v e
l i s t

I till the land and grow crops.

Ans. – fa r
m e r

5.  I teach in a college.

Ans. – p r of
f e s s o r

C. Complete the sentences using words given

(You may have to repeat some words).

herself, ourselves, themselves, himself,
itself, myself.

Example: The children enjoyed themselves.

1. We solved the problems
ourselves. No one helped us.

2. He himself
went to the police station to give a complaint.

3. The old lady got up herself
and crossed the road slowly.

4. The cat licked itself

      5. Rohini took
the trouble to finish the work all by herself.


A. Answer the following
questions in a word, a phrase or a sentence each:

1) Where was Guru Nanak

Ans.:- Guru Nanak was born in a village
Talavandi near Lahore.

2) How was Nanak
different from the other children?

Ans.:- Nanak did not play with his friends.
He was always thinking of God even as a child.

3) Why did his father
find a wife for him?

Ans.:- Because Nanank’s behaviour was strange.He did
not take any interest in the worldly pleasure.So his father found a wife for
Nanak thinking that it would bring change in him.

4) What did Nanak do with
the money that his father gave to him?

Ans.:- Nanak gave the money to the sanyasis.which his father
gave him.

5) Where did Nanak’s
father send him?

Ans.: Nanak’s father send him to Nanak sisters
house at Sultanpur in Punjab.

6) What was the Nanak’s
routine after Mardana joined him?

Ans.:- Nanak used to write hymns in praise of
God. After joining of Mardana he and Mardana sang these hymns together.

7) What was the daily
prayers of people after Nanak came to their town?
Ans.:- Nanak songs of God
were very famous and became very popular people thank them as their daily

B. Describe the incident that happened at

The following sentences are not in right
order. Arrange them in a sequential order and write a paragraph.

__ Some of them were
pouring water towards the sun.

__ Nanak explained to
them that we can honour our forefathers through our good actions.

__ At Haridwar, Nanak saw
large crowd of people bathing in river Ganges.

They were offering water to their forefathers.

Ans: At Haridwar, Nanak saw
large crowd of people bathing in river Ganges. Some of them were pouring water
towards the sun. They were offering water to their forefathers. Nanak explained
to them that we can honour our

forefathers through our good actions.

C. Match the words given in A with the
words given in B list

       A                  B

1. Bala                a.
a singer

2. Mardana         b. Nanak’s sister

3. Mehtakalu      c. a peasant

4. Nanak           d. Nanak’s father

5. Nanaki          e.
Nanak’s brother

                              f. the first guru of Sikhs

And: 1. Bala – a peasant

2. Mardana – a singer

3. Mehtakalu  d. Nanak’s father

Nanak – f. the first guru of sikhs

Nanaki – b. Nanak’s sister


A. Compound words.

Use the following words and make as many
compound words as possible.

Ans: 1) pen: pen-friend, ball-pen, gel-pen

2) moon – : moon-light, moon-rise, moon-set

3) man: man-power, man-hunter, man-eater

4) book: book-warm, book-case, book-shop

5) sun : sun-set , sun-rise , sun-light ,sun

6) steam – stem-engine , steam – power ,
steam – power

7) machine – machine – made , machine – shop

B. Fill in the blanks
using ‘must’ or ‘mustn’t’ suitably (One is done for you).

1. You mustn’t play
in the sun. You will feel sick.

2. You must
eat fresh fruits. It is good for health.

3. You mustn’t
make noice the library

4. You mustn’t
be late for school

5. You must
read this book, if it is very interesting

6. Leela must apologize
to her parents ; she was rude with them.


There are some sentences
in the box. Arrange them in order to make a story.

Ans: A kitten climbed up
a tree. It could not climb down. It was crying meow meow…..

Anju saw this. She wanted
to help the kitten. She took a bag and a ladder.

Then she climbed up the
ladder with the bag in her hand. Carefully she put the kitten in the bag and
climbed down.

She took the kitten home
and gave milk to it.

The kitten looked very
happy. It jumped and turned round and round.

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