9th English (TL) 7.NINE GOLD MEDALS

  State – Karnataka

State Syllabus 

Sub. – English (TL)

Class – 9th 

9th English (TL) 7.NINE GOLD MEDALS

Textbook Solutions  




C1. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each :
1. Why was training given for months to the athletes?
Ans.- Athletes trained for months to prepare for the competition.
2. What was the distance the athletes had to run?
Ans.- The athletes had to run a distance of a hundred yards in the race.
3. What happened to the smallest boy while running?
Ans.- The smallest boy stumbled and fell down during the race.
4. Why did the runners run back?
Ans.- The runners ran back to help the smallest boy who fell.
5. Who won the race? Why?
Ans.- All nine runners won the race collectively because they finished together, supporting one another.
6. Why do you think the banner read ‘Special Olympics’?
Ans.- The banner read ‘Special Olympics’ because this race was special, showing care and support.
7. Do you agree with what other eight athletes did? Why?
Ans.- Yes, because they helped their friend and finished together.
8. Why were the medals given to all?
Ans.- Medals were given to all because all nine runners showed teamwork and kindness.

C2. Answer the following questions in three or four sentences each :
1. Write a summary of the poem ‘Nine Gold Medals’ in about 10-15 lines.

Ans.- The poem ‘Nine Gold Medals’ revolves around a race where nine athletes competed. During the race, the smallest boy fell, and instead of racing ahead, the other runners stopped to help him. Together, they walked to the finish line, showcasing compassion and unity. This act led them all to win the race, receiving nine gold medals. It emphasizes the spirit of empathy, teamwork, and sportsmanship over individual achievement.

A. Imagine you are reporting to a television channel.Using the details of the poem, give a report of what happened in the field. You may use the following hints.
 Event Name: The Hundred-Yard Dash

 Number of Participants: Nine athletes

 Place: A sports field or stadium

 Time: During a special sports event

 Chief Guest: Not mentioned

 Winners: All nine athletes finished together

 Prizes Given: Gold medals for all participants

 Specialty of the Event: The race turned into an act of kindness and teamwork when the athletes helped each other finish.

B. Recollect your first experience of participating in a
sports event. Include the following details in your description.

My First Sports Event Experience:

When: It was during my school’s annual sports day, which took place in the spring of my eighth-grade year.
When: Last summer

Where: At my school’s sports day

Number of Participants: Many students from different classes

Who Supported Me: My friends and teachers cheered for me

Winners: I didn’t win, but I had a lot of fun

How I Felt: Excited and happy to participate, even though I didn’t win


About the Author :
           David Roth is a musician, song-writer, recording artist, conference presenter, singer, playwright, short story writer and workshop facilitator. David is known for his inspiring stories and poems for children. At present he is in Japan. In the poem ‘Nine Gold Medals’ there is a lovely picture of humanity winning nine medals. It shows how ‘Special Children’ showed the world that in the race of life we need to have care and concern for others. This poem is from ‘Olympic Stories and Poems’ published by Adrian House, US.


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