9th English (TL) 5.FRIENDSHIP

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9th English (TL) 5.FRIENDSHIP


Friends are there to heal the wounds

To pull you out of saddened tunes

To brighten up your cloudy skies

To clear up your fictitious fears. 4

Friends are there with open arms 

To comfort you and block the harms

To keep your secrets hidden away 

To entertain you when you want to play 8

Friends are there in smile or tear

Friends are there in happiness or fear 

Friends are fun and friends are clever 

And the ties that bind friends will last forever.. 12

– Harmony Davis

1. How do friends help us in need?

Ans.- Friends help us in need by healing our wounds, pulling us out of sadness, brightening our spirits, and comforting us in times of trouble.

2. What for do you think the friends are there with open Arms?

Ans.-  Friends are there with open arms to provide comfort, support, and to shield us from harm.

3. When are friends present with us? Why?

Ans.-  Friends are present with us in moments of both happiness and fear, always ready to be by our side.

4. How do friends block the harms?

Ans.- Friends block the harms by offering their support, keeping our secrets, and providing entertainment and companionship.

5. What do you mean by ‘brighten up your cloudy skies’?

Ans.-  “Brighten up your cloudy skies” means that friends help bring happiness and positivity into our lives when we are going through difficult times.

C2. Answer the following questions in three or four sentences each:

1. “Life seems to be easy and full of fun when friends are around.” Explain.

Ans.-  Life seems easy and full of fun when friends are around because they provide a support system, make us feel loved and valued, and offer companionship in both good and bad times. With friends, we have someone to share our joys and sorrows, and their presence makes life’s challenges easier to bear. Friends can bring laughter, joy, and a sense of belonging, making life more enjoyable and meaningful.

2. Write the summary of the poem in 10-15 lines.

Ans. – The poem “Friendship” by Harmony Davis emphasizes the importance and beauty of true friendship. It portrays friends as healers of wounds, comforters in times of distress, and sources of joy. Friends are there to provide support, keep secrets, and bring happiness into our lives. The poem underscores the enduring nature of the bonds that connect true friends, suggesting that these ties last forever.


Think of the most memorable help you have offered to one

of your friends. Provide details about it.

Ø Who, did you help?

Ø When ?

Ø Where?

Ø Why?

Ø What was the help?

Ø How did you help?

Ø What was the result?

Now, use the above points and write a paragraph on the

most memorable help you offered to one of your friends.(10-15 lines.)


One of the most memorable ways I’ve helped a friend was when my best friend, Sarah, was going through a tough time. It was during our high school finals, and she was feeling overwhelmed and stressed. I offered to help her study and prepare for the exams. We spent several late nights at her place, going over the material, answering her questions, and providing moral support. I explained complex concepts in a way that made them easier for her to understand. As a result of our efforts, Sarah’s confidence improved, and she performed much better in her exams. It was a rewarding experience, and it strengthened our friendship.

Appreciation :

A. Rhyming words :

Read the lines below and pay attention to the words in bold.

Friends are there in smile or tear

Friends are there in happiness or fear

Friends are fun and friends are clever

And the ties that bind friends will last forever.

B. Pick out the rhyming words from the poem:



arms – harms

away – play

About the poem :

Harmony Davis is a twenty four year old writer living in California.She has been involved in creative activities since the age of three. Her areas of interest include dance, theatrical productions and writing plays and short stories. In the poem ‘Friendship’ the poet highlights the value of true friendship. This poem is from ‘Young Voices’ published by Good Books, California.

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