Articles Exercise Online


Articles Exercise Online
There are 3 articles in ENGLISH.
1) a 2) an 3) the


Fill in the blanks with approprite article.


——- car

——- owl

——- eagle



——- hour

——- honest

——- entrance






——-Indian Express







——- exit

——- employee


——- cup

——- ink bottle

——- engineer

Seeta did ______MA in French literature.


I take ______umbrella in the morning.


Delhi is ______capital of India.


They go to ______ church every week.


He joined ______ union when he started work


Ooty has __________ cool climate.


______ Hindi is spoken in India.


Rohan was______best student in the class.


______apple a day keeps the doctor away.


She did ______MA in History..


It is ______most expensive hotel in Mumbai.


She wants to become —– doctor.


—– elephant is a vegetarian


The sun rises in ______ East.


Chaitanya invited me to ______ dinner.


______ Mount Everest is in the Himalayas.


_________ iron is a useful metal.


My brother plays ______ cricket well.


My flat is on ______Second floor.


Kohli is suffering from ______ fever.


I am not ______ doctor.


Rita is___ honest woman


____ Mahabharat is one of the holy book.


Mr Satish is_______ MP.


My sister sent me____ SMS today


Mr Shrikant is ______ European.


New York is —– large city.


—– Mangoes are grown in our farm.


My father is …….farmer.


He speaks …….. English good.


I bought ______ book.


I read a book. ______ book was funny.


She is ______ lucky.


______ Brazil is a beautiful country.


I took ______ easy subject in course.


She is______ very nice girl


They bought ______ car for office.


I have ______ pen.


I buy ______mobile for my father.


Smita opens ______umbrella.


He opened ______ book shop.


They have started ______ business.


Virat Kohali is ——— cricketer.


Mount Everest is ——– highest peak in the world.


It is ——– historic temple.


Gopal is ——– last boy.


This is——— useful matter.


We read ———Mahabharata.


………Earth rotates itself.


There is ——– orange in the basket.


Asia is ——— continent.


He is ———university teacher.


Harish is ———-LIC agent.


Prasad is———-artist.




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