Acronyms – एक्रोनिम = एखाद्या बहुशब्दीय नावातील शब्दांची सुरुवातीची अक्षरे घेउन तयार केलेला शब्द 

   Let’s know the full forms of acronyms we usually use. 

An acronym is a pronounceable word that is formed using the first letters of the words in a phrase. 

AC – Air Conditioning 

AD – Anno Domini (“In the Year of Our Lord”) 

am – Ante Meridiem (before noon) 

ATM – Automated Teller Machine 

BA – Bachelor of Arts 

BC – Before Christ 

BE – Bachelor of Engineering 

CET – Common entrance Test 

CM – Chief Minister 

e.g. – exempli gratia (Latin phrase for example) 

HOD – Head of the Department 

HT- Head Teacher 

MA – Master of Arts 

MLA- Member of the Legislative Assembly 

MP- Member of the Parliament 

PG – Post Graduation / Paying Guest 

PIN – Personal Identification Number 

PM- Prime Minister 

pm – Post Meridiem (afternoon) 

PUC- Pre University Course 

RAM – Random Access Memory 

ROM – Read Only Memory 

RTE – Right to Education 

RTI – Right to Information 

SMS -Short Message Service 

SOS – Save Our Souls 

TV – Television 

VIP – Very Important Person 

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