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useful –युजफूल= उपयोगी

world –वर्ड= जग

nut –नट्= कठीण कवचाचे फळ

most –मोस्ट्= सर्वात जास्त

crop –क्रॉप= पिक

solid –सॉलिड्= घन

wooden shell –वुडन शेल= लाकडी आवरण

nutrients –न्यूट्रिशिएन्टस्= पोषक मुल्ये

roof –रूफ्= छत, छप्पर

fuel –फ्यूएल= इंधन

kitchen –किचन्= स्वयंपाक,

grow –ग्रो= वाढणे.

tall –टॉल्= उंच

top –टॉप= शेंडा

crown –क्राऊन= मुकुट

feather  फेदर= पक्षाचे

leaves –लिव्हज्= पाने

oil –ऑईल= तेल

kernel –कर्नल= गर,खोबरे

hair –हेअर= केस

prepare –प्रिपेअर्= तयार करणे

margarine –मार्गरीन्= वनस्पती

soap –सोप= साबण

candle –कँडल= मेणबत्ती

yield –यील्ड्= उत्पन्न

weave –व्हियिंग= विणणे

basket –बास्केट्= टोपली

religion –रिलीजन्= धर्म

festival –फेस्टिवल= सण

sprout –स्पॉउट्= अंकुरणे, उगवणे

innmerable –इन-नंबरेबल्= असंख्य

benefit –बेनिफिट्= फायदा

human beings – मानव जात.

cosmetics –कॉस्मेटिक्स्= सौंदर्य प्रसाधने

detergent –डिटर्जंट्= भांडी, कपडे धुण्यासाठी
वापरली जाणारी पावडर
किंवा साबण

product –प्रॉडक्ट्= उत्पादन fibre –फायबर= तंतू

rope –रोप= दोर, दोरी

mat –मॅट्= चटई

brush –ब्रश= ब्रश,घासणी

broom –ब्रुम= झाडू

thatch –थॅच= छप्पर

–वे = मार्ग,रस्ता

Answer the following.

What is the normal height of a coconut
tree ?

Ans: Normal height of coconut tree is 25 metres.

What is a kernel ?

Ans: Kernel is solid portion of a fruit, which we eat usually.

How many seeds does a coconut have in

Ans: Coconut has only one seed in it.

I. Comprehension:

   A. Sit in pairs and do the following
exercises. First discuss and    later on write the answers in your notebook

Draw a picture of half a coconut shell. 

2. Coconut oil is used for many purpose. List at least five of

Ans: Coconut oil is

1) for cooking food

      2) for hairs

3) in preparation of soaps

        4) to make candles

5) to make cosmetics

3. How is the fibre of the coconut tree used ?

Ans : The fibre of the cocounut tree is used to make ropes, mats,
brushes and brooms.
It is also used in thatching house and
weaving baskets.

‘The coconut tree is an
example to us.’ Explain this sentence in your own words.

Ans: Coconut tree is most useful tree. It’s every part has a use and can
make so many things.As coconut tree We the human kind should use the knowledge
to serve people in
many ways.

B. Write a short pararaph on the uses of the coconut tree in five to six sentences.

Uses Of The Coconut

The coconut tree is the biggest of all the nuts.Coconut tree is very useful to human
being because it has various parts which can be useful for various purposes.All
the parts of the tree are useful to us.It
gives us
food to eat, sweet water to drink, roof for the house and fuel for the kitchen.
Coconut oil is
used for hairs,to make candles,cosmetics etc.
It’s leaves are used in thatching houses and weaving baskets.

II. Vocabulary

1.Find words in the text which means the same as the following and
write them beside the description :

a) soft inner part of nut = kernel

b) The dried kernel of the coconut Copra

c) Butter made from animal or vegetable fat
= margarine

d) only one and no more = single

e) to come out from a seed = sprout

2. Put the following
words into their plural forms:

a) nut – nuts                   

b) broom – brooms

c) rope – ropes                

d) tree – trees

e)brush – brushes           

f) bush – bushes

g) life – lives                    

h) knife – knives

3. Use one of the words
in the box to fill in the blanks:

A. is, are

1. The coconut is the most
useful crop.

2. Coconut trees are in that
farm about fifty years old.

3. Children are playing in the

4. The farmer is sowing seeds in
the field.

B. was, were

1. The cows were grazing in the

2. My toys were broken while
playing yesterday.

3. The market was closed at
10.00 pm last Sunday.

4. The frock she wore to the party was very long.

4. Refer to a dictionary and write down at least
six words related to the ones in the central squares.

III. Spelling :

A. Some letters are missing in each word.
Write ‘ee’ or ‘ea’ in each word to complete it.

1. tr e e s          

2. t e a ch         

3. pl e a se                

4. sl e e p

      5. t
e a se                  

      6. ben e a th     

      7. br e e ze

IV. Punctuation :

Use the appropriate
punctuation marks in the following sentences.

1.  what
is your name

Ans. – What is your name?

2.  my
name is p v sharat

 Ans. – My
name is P.V.Sharat.

3.  oh
what a beautiful flower

Ans. – Oh! What a beautiful flower!

4.  where
are you going

Ans. – Where are you going? 

rajat said good morning

Rajat said, “Good morning

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