10th Grade English (TL) Capturing Nature’s Symphony: Delving into ‘Autumn Song’ from

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'Autumn Song' from 10th Grade English Poetry

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  • State – Karnataka
  • Class – 10
  • Board – KSEAB,Bengaluru.
  • Syllabus – State Syllabus
  • Subject – English (TL)

Autumn season is a transition between rainy and winter; the poet observes that the sunset hangs on a cloud. It is a fleeting joy on the brink of sorrow, yet it heralds a golden storm of memories as the dreams of the poet’s heart is alone. We should not look back but rather go forward.

1. sorrow – tomorrow
2. hand – stand
3. fair – air
4. leaves – believes
5. blow – show
6. wind – find
7. sad – glad
8. voice – choice

'Autumn Song' from 10th Grade English Poetry

Sarojini Naidu, known as the Nightingale of India, was a prominent poet and freedom fighter. Her poetry, which she began writing in England, is known for its Indian themes and vivid imagery. Naidu’s work often reflects her passion for India and its culture, as well as her involvement in the struggle for India’s independence.

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