Karnataka 8th PE Text Book Solution 3.Hockey





Medium – English

Karnataka 8th PE Text Book Solution 3.Hockey


Chapter – 3


I. Fill in the blanks using suitable words.

1. The British Hockey Association was started
under the leadership of Teddington Cricket club in 1886.

2. Indian hockey team won the Asian Games
medal for the first time in 1928 Olympics.

3. The Circumference of the ball used in
Hockey match is 235 mm.


II. Fill in the blanks with suitable
options provided.

Hooquet is a term derived from __________ language.

a) German                 

b) Latin                        

c) Greek                       

d) French

Ans     d) French

2. The maximum weight of a Hockey stick is___________grams

a) 737                          

b) 730                          

c) 760                          

d) 700

Ans     a) 737

3. __________ card is used in hockey to indicate warning.

a) Red                          

b) Yellow                     

c) Green                      

d) Blue

Ans     c) Green

III. Answer the following questions.

1. What is a dangerous play?

Ans      Dangerous play in hockey is lifting the ball up in a dangerous manner or raising the ball when the opponent is within 5 meters distance, sanctioned with a suitable penalty.

2. Where was the first Hockey Association started in India?

Ans     The first Hockey Association in India was started in Kolkata.

3. Write the duration of a Hockey match.

Ans     The duration of a Hockey match is 60 minutes.

4. Mention the measurement of the Hockey stick.

Ans     The measurement of the Hockey stick is 36 to 39 inches.

IV. Answer the following questions in two or three sentences each.

1. Describe a Hockey playfield.

Ans     A Hockey playfield is a rectangular area measuring 91.40 meters X 55 meters with
goal posts at each end.

2. Make a list of the protective equipments of a goal keeper.

Ans   Protective equipment for a goal keeper includes helmets, leg guards,
kickers, chest protector, hand gloves, groin or pelvic protector, and arm

3. Write the situations in which cards are used in hockey.

Ans     Cards in hockey are used for warnings and suspensions. A Green card indicates a
warning, a Yellow card is a temporary suspension for a minimum of 5 minutes,
and a Red card is for permanent exclusion from the game without substitution.

4. What is the differentiate between ‘penalty stroke’ and ‘penalty corner’ ?

Ans     The penalty stroke is awarded to opponents when a fault is made by the defending
team in the ‘D’ area when the ball is moving towards the goal post. The penalty
corner is awarded for all fouls by the defending team in the ‘D’ area.

5. Write the process of scoring a goal in hockey.

Ans     To score a goal in hockey, the team must successfully send the ball into its
opponent’s goal from the ‘D’ area. The goal is disregarded if the ball is sent
into the goal from outside the ‘D’ area.

6. Draw a digram of Hockey playfied with measurements.


Karnataka 8th PE Text Book Solution 3.Hockey


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