Bridge Course Class 6 English (SL) Competencies

This Bridge course material is for the year 2023-24.
This material will help teachers to identify the learning gaps of the learners.
Facilitators are free to design and modify activities according to the need and learning
level of their class.
Facilitators should make sure that they are ready with the required TLMs and
instructions before getting into the class.
Facilitators are required to conduct pre-test and post-test based on the prescribed
learning outcomes.
The facilitators are advised to refer kalika chetharike contents, while conducting the

  1. Response to simple instructions, announcements in English made in class/ school. (L,S)
  2. Read small texts/ posters / charts in English with comprehension. (R)
  3. Answer coherently in written or oral form to questions in English based on day -to – day life experiences, unfamiliar stories.(L,S,W)
  4. Write words/ phrases /simple sentences and short paragraphs as dictated by the teacher.(L,W)
  5. Use the dictionary for reference. (Reference skill)
  6. Write paragraphs from verbal, visual clues, with appropriate punctuation
  7. Attempt creative writing. (W)


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