ENGLISH Comprehension 4


ENGLISH Comprehension 4


Read the below short passage and answer the following 

went to the farm. He saw a farmer,
dog  and a pig.The farmer wore a
hat. He was riding a tractor.The dog was wet.The pig was dirty.

Fill in the blanks.

hat  ,  wet ,

Rohan went to the                        .

The farmer wore a               .

The dog was                           .

True (✅) or  False (❎) 

1.Rohan saw a dog and a cat.

2.The pig was dirty.

3.Rohan went to the zoo.

4.Farmer was riding a tractor.


Choose the
correct answer.

1.Where did
Rohan go?

A) farm 

B) school        

C) home


was the farmer doing?

 A) riding a bicycle     


 B) riding
a scooter


C) riding a tractor



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