ENGLISH Comprehension 3



ENGLISH Comprehension 3

Read the below short passage and answer the following.

This is Gita’s cat. The cat likes to play with Gita. It
likes to drink milk and eat rats. It has stripes and blue eyes. It has two cute
white kittens.

Fill in the blanks

(stripes, Gita’s ,milk)

1.This is                    cat.

2.The cat likes
to drink                    .

3.It has                      .


True (✅) or  False (❎)

1.Gita plays with a cat.

2.Cat eats rats

3.It has two black kittens.

4.He has black eyes.


the correct answer.

1.What does the cat like to do?

A ) jump  

B) kittens

C) play

Ans. – 

2.How many kittens does the cat have…

A ) three  

B) two      

C) one

Ans. – 


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