Kalika Chetarike 2022 Student Learning Sheets Class 4 to 9



State – Karnataka

Department – Education

Scheme – Kalika Chetarike 2022

Subject – Student Learning Sheets

Available Format – PDF



Kalika Chetarike 2022 Student Learning Sheets Class 4 to 9


    School closure due to the COVID 19 pandemic situation has led to gaps in schooling, which in turn resulted in the need for learning recovery across the world. In order to address this need of the hour, Karnataka State has decided to look at the academic year 2022-23 as the Kalika Chetarike year which would focus more on the learning recovery for all school children rather than the completion of the current grade level syllabus.

    Goals of Foundational Literacy (FL), as specified in NIPUN Bharat, largely cover all the four major language competencies – speaking, listening, reading, and writing-up to a level that a learner may understand. It is quite possible that there are a considerable number of students who struggle with these basic competencies in every grade. It goes without saying that the language learning exposure given to such children should be age-appropriate keeping in mind their cognitive development. The approach with which the FL is taken up in different classes varies according to the context.

    Being aware of these circumstances, the teacher, irrespective of the grades they teach, should keep a few important things in mind while they engage with their students in the classroom:

    Teacher Handbooks & Student Learning Sheets which are useful for Kalika Chetarike are published by DSERT..Classwise and Subjectwise Handbooks are Student Learning Sheets are given below…

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