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1)   B)is he?

2)   D) Seeking help

3)   A) would not have

4)   A) to listen



5)   Sweet memory

6)   lame

7)   beautiful

8)   a

9)   Adverb

10)    but

11)    in

12)    sails

13)    They play cricket every

14)    Daksha is wiser
than any other girl in the class.

15)    The meeting is being presided by the president.

16)    He said that he had met that man two days ago.




        b) slowly         



18)    Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
had proved his perseverance, persistence and virulence against certain
things very seriously. He had created awareness among the people about samata in the society.


19)    Dr, B. R. Ambedkar was a
voracious reader. He bought books by curtailing his daily needs. When he was in New York, he purchased 2000
books. He brought so many books from London and sent them to India in
32 boxes.


20)    Yes, Anant was a talented
boy. He was the best table – tennis player in the school and the fastest
runner. He was learning to play the sitar.
He was already able to compose his
own tunes.


21)    Anant was a lover of music.
He wanted to hear and see Pandit Ravi Shankar. But, as he was suffering from cancer, he couldn’t attend the
concert. So, Smita requested Pandit Ravi Shankar to visit her house and play
for Anant.


22)    The Jazz player is a poor,
old man. He has led a hard life. He is tired
and puts his head down. He was standing like a black ancient Mariner.


23)    Patil, the sub-inspector had
come to mohan’s house to inform that there was a search of there home that night.
Mohan’s mother believed him. She took the machine and handed over to the subinspector.


Babu and Manju were a
bit disappointed because
the students protested silently. They just handed the DSP, a piece of paper and turned their backs but they expected more than


24)    Dicky Dolma could not
describe the sight of the Everest. It was much more breathtaking than she could ever have imagined. She felt that all the state and national awards
are nothing before this experience.


Haneef’s mother,
a vocal artist, would often have to leave home for work.
The kids became
very responsible getting
up and getting ready for school. They learnt that one’s duty is the most important thing in


25)    The newspaper was report
about the bravery of a village. boy. He had fought bravely against a tiger while he was returning home by the jungle
path. Swami argued that a boy could not fight a tiger; he was a strong and grown-up person. His father
disagreed and said that courage was more important. Swami was not ready to accept this. His father then
challenged him to show his courage by sleeping alone in the office that night. While Swami was sleeping alone in
the office room, he saw a dark figure. He thought that it was the devil. He hugged it and bit it hard into
its leg. He was a notorious house-breaker. Then father, cook and the servant
came in. The burglar was caught and Swami became a hero over night.


The poet, V. K. Gokak asks mother India if he sings
about the Himalayas, three seas, but she asks him to sing about beggars, leapers. The poet asks the mother, if he
sings about temples, soldiers, seers and prophets. She becomes furious and orders him to sing about hard workers.
Further the poet asks nervously if he would
sing about dams and lakes, modern technology and atomic age. But, she
forces him to sing about struggle of the
past and the present. The mother India raised and dressed in the blue sky. Milky
oceans surrounded her. She sat on
entrencing and enthroning light of waves. She wrote, ‘The Book the Morrow’
about the bright future of India.
Finally, the poem ends with optimistic view. The mother sitting on the waves
incarnating the supreme power to write the destiny of our nation.




a) Baleshwar Mishra

To Roma

Because he feared Roma would become unconscious again.


28)         a) Don Anselmo

It was about selling old man’s land.

Because the old man was not in hurry. He was slow.


a) The headmaster

When the speaker
come to know about Satish’s
hearing problem.

The speaker suggested Naren to take Satish to deaf
and dumb school.


a) The land.

Man or people.

The land asserts with this statement that man cannot put pence
around the earth.



31)    It is the profile of Raghav.
His is 50 years old. His date of birth is April 4rth. He was born in Gadag. He is very qualified person. He studied
M.A., B.Ed. His spouse name is Nirmala. He is a post master, working in Head Post Office Davanagere. His hobbies
are singing and reading.
He is a very popular person. Reasons for his
popularity are he is very active and kind hearted
person. He loves his duty and works very hard.




32)    Once there was a king. He
was very upset that the people his kingdom were very lazy. He wanted to teach them a lesson. He put a big stone in
the middle of the road. The people passed by the stone but no one tried
to remove it. They blamed the government for it.

A month later, the
king asked soldiers to remove the stone. There was a box of hundred gold coins.

The people saw it and
repented for their laziness. Since then People
decided not to be lazy.



33)    The given picture is about a
classroom. A classroom is a place where
learning can take place.
There is a teacher and there
are many students in the classroom. The two students are discussing with the
teacher. Others are listening
attentively. It shows the students’ intrest in learning. The teacher is very
active. There are many things in the
in the classroom like black board, books, table, window door etc. The students
are sittings a discipline manner.


34) The throned
monarch better than his crown.

His sceptre
shows the force of temporal

The attribute to awe and majesty,

Wherein doth sit the
dread and fear of kings



a)  The ants are similar to
human being because they live in families, build their own houses and a king
and queen. Each ant has its own work to do and it does its work well.


b)  Most of the insects go out
looking for food and it is always for them but ants think if the nest. They
bring in food for the queen and
other workers as well as for themselves. So the ants are different from the
other insects.



36)    Ruskin Bond in his poem,
‘Grandma Climbs a Tree’ tells us the childish behavior of his grandmother. She had a passion for climbing trees from
a very young age. She could climb trees even at the age of 62. So, he calls her a
genius. The family advised Grandma not to climb trees in
her old age. But, she did not listen
to them. The family feared that she
would fall. Once family was out of the town, she climbed a tree but couldn’t
come down. After
the rescue, the doctor advised
her a week rest. However, grandma was not able

to live without a tree. So, she
told Bond’s father
to build a tree-house. Accordingly, the poet and
his father built a tree-house. The poet and his grandma spent evenings
sitting in the tree-house drinking sherry. She
had upheld her right to
reside in a tree. It gave her true happiness.




An old Jazz musician
is standing like a black
ancient Mariner. His old face is wrinkled
and weary. His faded
blue shirt has turned dark with sweat. His jacket is old and looking
like holding his sagging stomach. His necktie
is undone and dropping loosely over the jacket. His shoes are torn and put
paper to cover the holes. His rough
unshaven face shows pain. He stands alone head down, eyes closed and ears
perked. An old saxophone hangs across
his chest. He gently lifts the saxophone to the parted lips. But once he starts
playing music, he is no longer a
Black man but a bird which gathers his wings and flies high and higher. He
feels spreading the message of God
through his music.





a) COVID-19

Introduction: We all have been affected by the current COVID-19
pandemic. However, the impact of the pandemic and its consequences are felt differently
depending on our status as individuals and as members of society.


COVID-19 is killing people on
a large scale. As of October 10, 2020, more than 7.7 million people across every state in the United States and its
four territories had tested positive for COVID-19. According to the World Health Organization’s report
Closing the Gap in a Generation: Health Equity through Action on the Social Determinants of Health, “poor and
unequal living conditions are the consequences of deeper structural conditions that together fashion the way societies
are organized—poor social policies and programs, unfair economic arrangements, and bad politics.


You can reduce your chances of being
infected or spreading
COVID-19 by taking some simple precautions:

clean your hands

Keep a safe distance

Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.

Avoid shaking hands and hugging.







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Dear uncle,

I am keeping a very
good health with my
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you all at home.

I express
my whole hearted thanks to you my dear uncle for a
very memorable gift. Your wishes and a gift made this birthday very
memorable. I want to study medical later. Your books on science and technology makes journey easy. Definitely, I make the best use of the
gift of books.


Covey my regards.

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